Stamped Concrete

What is Stamped Concrete?

Have you ever wrote your name or placed your handprint in concrete before it dried? Stamping concrete involves the same process of placing a pattern in concrete prior to it curing. With many patterns and colors to choose from, this process allows for design options not found with other materials. Chances are that you have seen stamped concrete many times without realizing it.

Advantages of Stamped Concrete?

So you are thinking why not just use brick or slate or pavers? Concrete has many advantages over other materials. With the flexibility and design options concrete has to offer, costs can be adjusted to fit your budget. Because concrete is one continuous slab, there are no issues with weeds growing between pavers or issues with uneven pavers due to settling or frost upheaval.

Design options

One advantage of stamped concrete is the many options available. With many patterns and colors available you are able to choose a style that best fits your taste. Your biggest problem will be deciding from the many choices available to you. Browse the stamp pattern and color section for design ideas.


Although stamped prices may vary depending on design, they are competitive with brick, slate, pavers, stone, and decking. Over the years I have bid against these other options and have found that the labor costs are generally lower. When considering costs, long-term durability, maintenance, and design options, concrete is easily the best value for your dollar.


When compared to maintaining wood decking, pavers, brick, slate and stone, concrete is very low maintenance. Unlike other options, stamped concrete is covered with a sealer when installed. This makes the concrete resistant to staining, dirt and even water penetration. To maintain stamped concrete, it is recommended every two or three years, that the surface is washed off with a garden hose and a new coat of sealer be applied. This is a very simple, low-cost process that will keep your concrete looking new and in top condition for many years.