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Concrete Furniture

Microfiber furniture is not what it used to be. As consumer demand for upholstered furniture that is durable, easy to maintain and attractive became more pronounced, the relatively new category of microfiber furniture responded. The offerings ultimately addressed virtually every preference of style, size and function. The fabrics became available in the widest array of colors and textures. Beyond that, it finally became almost impossible to tell the difference between a microfiber faux leather sofa and a genuine one and the task of sofa cleaning took on a new ease that made the product nearly perfect.

Although it is often difficult to distinguish between microfiber furniture and traditional upholstered furniture, there are real differences. The same could be said of a faux leather sofa made with microfiber and a sofa made with real leather. In some cases it is a matter of opinion as to which one is superior.
For starters, the cost difference between microfiber furniture and leather furniture is significant at least. It is true that some upholstered furniture is very expensive but that high cost is a function of extraordinarily high quality materials and production values. If we compare apples to apples, the cost variation is still dramatic. For a good quality faux leather sofa, a reasonable price is 800 to 1,300 dollars depending on factors other than the fabric. A comparable leather sofa costs 1,300 to 2,200 dollars and up from there.

Some microfiber furniture feels like some leather furniture because leather has a tremendous variation in feel and look. As a rule though, leather will adjust quickly to body temperature and ambient air temperature. If you are cold, the leather will feel cold. This effect is far less pronounced with microfiber.
Most people are aware that sofa cleaning for microfiber furniture and its durability make it desirable. All fabrics will absorb stains but this fabric is easier to keep clean and maintain if dirt and spills are attended too quickly. Sofa cleaning can be simple and efficient. Leather can stain easily and crack or split over time if not properly cared for.